Youth Radio

Since 1992, Youth Radio has served thousands of teenagers by providing free, after-school training programs in broadcast journalism, radio/web production, engineering and media advocacy and literacy.

Using on air DJ opportunities as a "hook", Youth Radio provides stable, long-term guidance for youth as they transition from middle to high school, from high school to college, and into meaningful career paths.

Youth Radio works with approximately 1,300 youth each year through local trainings, statewide media advocacy programs, and through a national network. Their target population is high-school youth with an emphasis on girls (55%), low-income youth (80%) and young people of color (80%).

Youth Radio programs are open to youth ages 14 to 18, with advanced programs open to young adults up to 24 years of age. They focus their outreach efforts on undeserved youth populations.

I met with Patrick Johnson, Director Of Communications, and Ellin O’Leary, President of Youth Radio.

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