Rainbow Touchstones (2010)

Rainbow Touchstones is a collection of six digital stories about mental health from members of New Zealand's LGBT communities. The stories aim to show positive ways of dealing with mental health issues.

The videos were funded by a 2009 NZ Mental Health Media Grant and proudly supported by the Ministry of Health's Like Minds, Like Mine Programme and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

All of the stories can be viewed online or ordered as an educational DVD.

With this project I wanted to create an opportunity for LGBT people to share their experiences and help others who may currently be experiencing mental health issues. In doing so, I wanted to encourage debate and reduce discrimination around mental illness.

Digital storytelling is an exciting way of using new media technologies to reflect back on personal experiences. We can interweave personal narrative, images and creative writing to form a unique five-minute video that reflects a person’s individual journey. It is a creative process that is very much driven by the participant.

Having these stories available online was an important part of the project. They will hopefully be seen by people who may not feel comfortable or ready to talk to people around them.

Since their release the stories have also appeared in Express magazine.

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