DPA - Its History and Future (2007)

DPA - Its History and Future is a major 22-part series of conversations on the history and future of DPA - the leading voice of disabled people in New Zealand.

The radio series was produced in 2007 by Mike Gourley and funded through New Zealand On-Air. I was responsible for recording and editing the programmes, plus photographing the interviewees. The series was broadcast throughout New Zealand on the Community/Access Radio network.

The full series of audio interviews are available online:

DPA is an umbrella group representing people with all types of impairments —occurring at any stage of life. They also represent the families of disabled people with disability, service providers and disability advocacy groups.

DPA was formed in 1983, a couple of years after that never to be forgotten Telethon - held during the International Year of Disabled Persons - generated over five-and-a-half million dollars. With that money, DPA was able to help set up Teletext and Total Mobility. In 2008 they celebrated a quarter-Century of service to disabled people in New Zealand.

DPA’s vision is that disabled people can and should be the major drivers in decisions that affect their lives. DPA is made up of a network of regional assemblies who advocate on local issues.

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