Death Diminishes Me (2010)

Death Diminshes Me is an audio feature in which a group of New Zealand men talk about being HIV+.

The soundwork was part of the Global Perspectives documentary season - bringing together documentaries from the world’s leading public broadcasters.

It received its first broadcast in the United States via SoundPrint - the longest-running non-fiction documentary series in public radio. It has also been broadcast by Radio Netherlands, RTHK Hong Kong, CBC Canada, BBC and Radio New Zealand. Written publicity material for the production can be found here.

This is how a documentary on HIV should be made – personal, painful, gut-wrenching, and with that engaging. Not fearfully presenting stories that drive people away. To be effective radio, a half-hour must keep people listening before it can move them. Death Diminishes Me does both of these, expertly.

The stories are "familiar" for a few reasons – they resonate with people in other parts of the world, and they speak to us like family or friends.

The production is gorgeous, with sounds emphasising settings, moods, and aspiration.

Following on just a few weeks after the repeats of Thembi’s Story to mark her living and her death, HIV and AIDS have been brought into the world’s awareness again, in the personal way that only outstanding audio documentaries can.

Here’s hoping – no let's make that assuming – Death Diminishes Me will win awards.

- Connor Walsh

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