Composer 015 (2011)

Composer 015 is being generously funded by the James Wallace Arts Trust and the Lilburn Trust. It is a photographic work-in-progress due for completion in early 2012.

The proposal is to photograph fifteen prominent New Zealand composers. The selected composers include: Claire Cowan, Eve de Castro-Robinson, Victoria Kelly, Leonie Holmes and Alex Taylor in Auckland. Gareth Farr, John Psathas, Lyell Cresswell, Ross Harris, Karlo Margetic and Jack Body in Wellington. Gillian Whitehead, Anthony Ritchie and Chris Adams in Dunedin, and John Ritchie in Christchurch.

I wanted to select both established practitioners and a selection of up-and-coming composers. I was helped in the selection process by SOUNZ, with advice from the James Wallace Arts Trust and the Lilburn Trust

The finished photographic portraits will be made available to SOUNZ - The Centre for New Zealand Music, The National Library, and to the composers themselves to use for publicity purposes. A unique series of the images will also be deposited as a collection with the James Wallace Arts Trust.

If you would like more information about this project please get in contact.

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