Access Internet Radio (2006)

Access Internet Radio (AIR) allowed seven community radio stations to upload audio content to a centralized server and then either stream or make the content available as podcast audio.

I project managed the initiative, designing and coding the content management system and then implementing it across the partner stations.

The project was based on open, dynamic relationships that promoted everyone's programmes. Stations displayed each other's content in a way that complemented their own website. We wanted to keep the local flavour, but make all of the programmes visible to the widest possible audience.

AIR brought together over 200 different community-based programmes, in over 30 different languages. By working together we were able to create a solid content management system for all of this content. And with all of the partners using the same web-interface it made it a lot easier to develop, share knowledge and problem solve.

In 2007 was a finalist in the New Zealand Open Source Awards.

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